Breathe To Perform: The Seminar

Performance Breathing for Sport and Life

The Distance Project’s leadership team has spent the past several years studying how breathing affects performance in both sport and life. We have worked with leaders in the scientific, medical, and sports performance community to extract protocols that we can share with teams throughout the country.

Breathe to Perform is a seminar series designed to bring you the most effective protocols to reduce stress and anxiety, peak mental focus and improve sports performance.

Whether you are an industry leader seeking a competitive edge for your company, an organization seeking better tools to mitigate stress and anxiety, or a coach committed to giving your athletes an advantage on the field, this seminar is for you!

Distance Project founder David Bidler is currently booking Breathe to Perform seminars for Fall/Winter 2018.

Contact David to learn more about the Breathe to Perform seminar and discuss the needs of your team!

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David and pioneering neuroscientist Dr. Jose Herrero designing the Breathe to Perform app soon to be released on Apple!
Additional Media

  • Breath and the Brain: This study details the work of one of our partners, Dr. Jose Herrero. Dr. Herrero is studying the effects of various breathing patterns on cognition, memory retention, and anxiety.
  • The role of breath and vision in high performance scenarios: In January of 2018 our coaching team traveled to Stanford University to take part in the following experiments around fear, anxiety, and mental performance using virtual reality technologies. We share some of this experience, as well as the key lessons learned, in the Breathe to Perform seminar series.
  • Breathing to Increase V02 Max: This video by Patrick McKeown, author of The Oxygen Advantage, demonstrates how breathing exercises can improve Vo2 max.
  • The Benefits of Nasal Breathing: The following blog post by our friends at Power, Speed, Endurance explains the benefits of nasal breathing.
  • Lessons from the Elites: Learn how elite youth soccer players improved sports performance and reduced fatigue through intermittent hypoxia training.